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My name is Robert Henry, and I front Robert Henry & the Repeaters. I grew up listening to country music with my parents but didn’t start writing and singing songs until I was about 17. After playing heavy metal in high school, my voice finally came into its own, and I realized my range was much better suited for country than rock and roll. Anyone who knows me will say I’m a history nerd, and I was drawn to country music as a genre because it is steeped in tradition—a uniquely American music style that blends the raw emotion of African American blues with the folk storytelling tradition of the English & Scots-Irish. Combined with the brutal honesty and emotion in the lyrics, this had me hooked once I really sank my teeth in.

As an artist, my influences span a wide spectrum of genres, but as a country singer, nothing sounds better to my ear than the likes of Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, George Jones, and Johnny Paycheck. I think you'll hear those influences in my voice when you listen to the new album.

Robert Henry & The Repeaters - EchoFox Photography

Our group originated with Jake (our drummer) and me in 2018. We had played music together in our metal band, "Bigger Trigger," back in high school, so we already knew each other musically and have always been locked in when it comes to speaking each other’s musical language. From there, we added Bob Littleton on pedal steel, and after cycling through a few different bass players and guitar players, we eventually got together with Justyn on guitar and Matt on bass. We had the same group together for a couple of years and eventually decided to name the backing band “the Repeaters” as a play on my name to reference the Henry repeating rifle that helped win the West. We’ve developed our unique sound, which has been a pleasure to cultivate as we have gigged together over the years.

The Portland country music scene has really exploded since COVID ended, and it’s been cool to see such a community form around this music we love so much. The support network is amazing. Go to the Landmark Saloon on a Wednesday to see the band, and 90% of the people in the crowd are artists or musicians in one form or another. My favorite example of this was when we played our single release show last winter at Mississippi Studios. It seemed like the entire scene was there to support us, and we were only a handful of tickets away from selling it out. It was a very validating moment for all of us.


The beautiful thing about country music is that you can find solace knowing that whatever you’re feeling, someone else has felt it too, and you can be damn sure there’s a song out there that makes you think the writer was reading your mind. I’m no genius songwriter, but if I can give one person a safe place to hide in one of my songs, I’ve done my job. That’s what I look for as a fan, so that’s what I try to do in my role as an artist. My favorite song to record on this album was “Demons & Dreams.” It’s right in my vocal wheelhouse, and it comes from a really raw place. I do my best work when I’m discontented, and it almost acts as a sequel to my very first single, “Storm the Gate.” I’m sure the listeners will find it easy to draw some thematic similarities.

Listen to our new album, out on December 2nd, on whatever streaming platform you use, and be sure to follow @roberthenrymusic on Instagram and Robert Henry & the Repeaters on Facebook to stay up to date with all of our tour dates and any new music we put out in the future.


See you down the road.

Robert Henry & The Repeaters
Jake Mauro - Instagram - Robert Henry & The Repeaters
JaCOB Mauro

I play drums and harmonica, contribute to songwriting, and assist with the band's social media presence and website. My journey with music was sparked by growing up in a family of musicians and being exposed to music early on, leading me to learn various instruments and aspire to play in bands.


Originally from Corpus Christi, TX, I moved to Oregon at a young age and became immersed in the Portland music scene through programs like The School of Rock.


My formal connection with the band began in 2018, but the roots trace back to high school when Robert and I had a metal band called Bigger Trigger. Transitioning to country music with Robert ignited my interest in country drumming, revealing a newfound love for the genre.


Embracing country music has become a significant part of my musical identity, influencing my songwriting and overall perspective on playing music. I find enjoyment in creating and performing country music because it challenges me to play less, showcasing the importance of restraint and enhancing my overall musicianship.

Robert Henry & The Repeaters - EchoFox Photography - Jake
Robert Henry & The Repeaters - EchoFox Photography - Matt
matt haugen
Bulk Haugen - Instagram - Robert Henry & The Repeaters

I'm Matthew Douglas "Bulk" Haugen, the bass guitarist for The Repeaters, also known as the head of HR in our project.


Born into a family deeply rooted in the music business, my journey with the bass started at 14. I rapidly expanded my skills, joining jazz bands, various bands with friends, and even becoming the jazz choir's bassist. 


My formal career began when Justyn invited me to join another band,  Kaiya on the Mountain. Joining Robert, Jake, Justyn, and Bob in early 2021 marked my exposure to classic country music, and I quickly embraced the challenge of becoming the bass player the band needed. While my initial experience with country music was limited, I've grown to love its structured nature, finding ways to make each song unique within template structures.


Inspired by bass legends like Geezer Butler and John Entwistle, I approach bass playing as a "lead bassist," emphasizing dynamic playing rather than just root notes. In The Repeaters, I strive to send it just as hard as our guitar players, contributing to the overall energy and sound of the band.

Bob Littleton - Instagram - Robert Henry & The Repeaters
Bob littleton
pedal steel

I delved into folk music in high school and later developed a passion for bluegrass, which introduced me to country music and the mesmerizing world of steel guitar.


Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, I moved to the northwest 17 years ago. Responding to ads seeking a steel guitar player, I found my way into studio work and, ultimately, joined Robert's band about five years ago. Despite my seniority in age, the band has allowed me to contribute to arrangements and overall performance, reflecting a mutual respect for each other's talents and fostering a collaborative spirit.


After playing banjo in a bluegrass band, I developed a deep appreciation for country music, particularly drawn to ballads featuring steel guitar intros or solos. The expressive potential of the steel guitar captivates me. While acknowledging the challenges of making a living solely through music, I find fulfillment in the art and value the camaraderie with my bandmates.

Robert Henry & The Repeaters - EchoFox Photography - Bob
Robert Henry & The Repeaters - EchoFox Photography - Justyn
Justyn lewis
Justyn Lewis - Instagram - Robert Henry & The Repeaters

I'm the lead guitarist for The Repeaters. My musical journey began with my first gig at 16, and since then, playing live music has remained my favorite thing.


I've traveled through various towns in Washington, settling in Portland at 18, where I've been playing consistently. In 2020, I initially joined The Repeaters as a fill-in for a gig in Casper, WY, but the chemistry with Robert and Jake was instant. Since then, I've been a full-time member, cherishing the unmatched music chemistry we share.


For me, playing on stage is best when everything locks in—when we're all in sync, and Robert sings his heart out over our tight rhythm, complemented by Bob's stellar steel. Portland's music scene, especially in country, holds a special place in my heart, embodying a strong community vibe. Playing with The Repeaters is not just about the music; it's about sharing moments with friends and contributing to the magical Portland country community.

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